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Benefit from our expertise in integrating machines into the production line. FDA ,CE, ROSH certification with International Approval.



Get 24/7 support to help you make the most out of our custom solutions. If you are a machine dealer, feel free to become our partner. We are happy to consult you on how to sell our machines in your country and get more benefits out of it, due to our perfect product traceability and identification.

雷竞技 newbee主赞助商



  • 可以在一些金属材料上做深雕刻。
  • Engrave on metal material hardness up to 60hrc
  • 稳定,即使在恶劣的工业条件下也能工作
  • 成本效益高
  • 雕刻机的消耗品很少
  • Are easy to use
  • Need low maintenance
  • 它们中的每一个都主要用作零件打标机

我们的Dot peen marking系统分为四类:

  • HS-PE电动手持式点针雕刻机
  • HS-DP、HS-DP-R系列气动点针打标机
  • HS-HS系列打标机
  • HS-PM and HS-PC Portable Dot Peen Marking Systems

Laser Marking System


  • 帮助您降低制造成本,提高产品标识效率
  • 能以极高的速度进行标记和雕刻
  • Are easy to use both as a regular and part marking machine
  • Engrave on all kinds of metal and non-metal materials.
  • Create good and permanent marks for product traceability and identification
  • Need no maintenance and leave no consumables
  • 享受长寿
  • 可集成到您的工厂生产线进行自动打标

At Heatsign, we provide the following choices forlaser marking:

  • 光纤激光打标机
  • CO2 Laser Marking Machine
  • UV Laser Marking Machine



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